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Your Local Group * 

Your Share subscription will be in the name of one Local Group/Chapter/Council, for distribution to any inside or outside facilitator in your Local Group. The Local Group must be one defined in our AVP-USA Database: LOCAL GROUPS

Outside Facilitators

We will send issues to every facilitator registered in the Local Group you designated above. We’ll send you a list of everyone presently assigned to your Local Group as a check.

Inmate Facilitators * 

Name of any prison(s) and number of inmates in each one who receive issues you print out (eg: Angola-23). Enter “none” if none.

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Do we have a deal for you! Your AVP Chapter Group can save anywhere from $4 up to hundreds of dollars with this subscription.

How? For a mere $20 we will email everyone in your group electronic issues, which can also be printed out for your inside facilitators.


  • You purchase a Local Chapter subscription, and (just for our records) give us the prison name and reader count for all prisons to which you will deliver printed issues.
  • We will automatically send electronic issues to everyone in your Local Group with an email address.
  • You print out and deliver paper copies to any prison served by your Chapter programs.
  • Even if there are only two facilitators in your Local Chapter you save $4 and saving goes up from there for larger Chapters.