AVP Facilitators enjoy an immensely satisfying volunteer opportunity. Facilitating a workshop as part of a team, rather than “teaching” is a unique and powerful experience.

    • Becoming an AVP Facilitator has many rewards:
        • A greatly satisfying volunteer opportunity.
        • A source of ongoing personal growth.  Facilitators say they learn a bit more about themselves with each workshop they help facilitate.
        • Learning the power of facilitating (not leading) a class as a part of a team.
        • Being a part of a dedicated and stimulating group of people.


    • The first step is to take the Basic and Advanced workshops.  Every facilitator experiences the AVP workshops firsthand before becoming a facilitator.


  • The Training for Facilitators Workshop (T4F):
      • Usually formatted as a mock Basic Workshop under the tutelage and direction of experienced Facilitators.
      • Attendees will experience facilitating all major parts of a workshop including planning agendas, team building, leading an exercise, and team clinics (evaluation).
      • Following the T4F, you will help facilitate actual workshops as an apprentice, paired with experienced Facilitators, until you’ve gained confidence and experience as a certified Facilitator.


  • Facilitators are all volunteers and usually unpaid (except for reimbursement for expenses).  Some local AVP Programs do pay stipends to Facilitators for non-prison workshops, especially when the Facilitator has limited employment and/or misses essential paid work in order to facilitate a workshop.  All prison workshops are strictly unpaid, volunteer.

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