AVP is one of the most powerful, empowering anti-bullying programs ever developed.  In schools throughout the country, students are facilitating workshops to give their peers a chance to express themselves and build community. We have worked with students from Kindergarten through college. Our youngest trained facilitator today is just 10 years old.
A workshop in NYC
Due to widespread interest in youth workshops, an AVP Youth Manual has been published.  This manual, and the workshops it addresses, are tailored to 10-16 year-olds.

AVP has always had an association with other youth and children’s programs, such as CCRC (Children’s Creative Response to Conflict) and HIPP (Help Increase the Peace Project, see: www.afsc.org/hipp.htm).  An emerging youth entity comprised of AVP facilitators, RAVE (Real Alternatives to Violence for Everyone), has been conducting workshops in New Jersey.

Youth Workshops been done…..

  • For juvenile Justice “clients” & in Young Offender Centers
  • In school Rooms:  part of the curriculum or special class
  • For Teen Moms groups
  • At Retreats
  • For street Gangs & Gang Exit Programs