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Why Leave a Legacy Gift to AVP?

2.3 million men, women and youth are locked up on any given day in the USA!  We have the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Since 1975 AVP volunteers have trained tens of thousands of individuals in life-changing workshops in prisons and communities!

At the heart of AVP is the belief that every human being has the ability to transform; that each of us can learn to use peaceful means to solve conflicts.

We won’t give up on our beliefs or those we serve!

What is Planned Giving?

A planned gift is a method of charitable giving that allows donors to express their values by integrating personal, family, charitable and financial goals.

Planned gifts can provide very significant support to AVP-USA, while providing valuable tax benefits and lifetime income for you and/or a spouse or other loved one. Planned Giving is simply another opportunity for generous supporters to make gifts, in addition to your annual giving.

These gifts are not just for the wealthy.  They are means by which ordinary people make extraordinary gifts that can help to provide a solid financial foundation for the future of AVP.


The most frequently made planned gift is a Bequest. Simple language can be added when you prepare a new will or add a codicil to an existing one. Here is some sample Bequest Language:

I give [indicate a dollar amount or a specific % of the remainder of your estate] to [AVP-USA] presently located at 2136 FORD PKWY #5359, St Paul MN 55116 for [its general use] or [some specific purpose].

Make your Gift Today and Save on Taxes

Use your IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution to make a tax-free gift transferred from your IRA. If you are 72 or older, you have a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) every year. If you automatically transfer it to AVP-USA you will not have to pay tax on it and you will give immediate support to the work of AVP.

This is an easy one!

Using Appreciated Securities

Charitable gifts can be made with cash, but many are made by donating appreciated assets such as stocks. AVP-USA can accept appreciated securities for annual and planned gifts to benefit AVP-USA or local chapters. If you sell appreciated securities in order to make a charitable gift, you will owe capital gains tax on the proceeds of the sale. However, if you transfer appreciated securities directly to a charity to make a charitable or planned gift, you benefit:

(1) You can defer and/or avoid the capital gains tax.
(2) You may be entitled to a charitable deduction for all or a portion of the total fair market value of the securities contributed depending on the type of gift.

Charitable Gift Annunity

A charitable gift annuity provides a fixed lifetime income payment to you, and/or to one or two other annuitants that you designate. In addition, as the donor you will receive a Federal income tax deduction in the year of the gift. Charitable annuity rates are tied directly to the age of the annuitants at the time the gift is made.

After your death or that of the named annuitant(s), the remainder of the gift goes to AVP USA and/or other charitable beneficiary you name. The minimum gift for a charitable gift annuity (immediate or deferred) is $20,000. The minimum age for the annuitant(s) to receive payments is 65. Here are samples below.

Deferred Payment Gift Annuity

With a deferred charitable gift annuity the donor defers the beginning of payments for a stated number of years. As the donor, you receive an income tax deduction in the year of the gift, when your income might be higher. The deferral of payments entitles the recipient(s) to a higher annuity payment for retirement or future date when payments will be needed. The remainder of the gift can be designated for AVP-USA or local chapters.

Join the AVP Legacy Society

When you make a Planned Gift and join the AVP-USA Legacy Society you are helping to secure our future work!

Have you thought about your estate plans? Please be in touch with us or our manager at Friends Fiduciary.

AVP-USA is using the services of Friends Fiduciary Corporation to manage its Planned Giving Program.

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AVP-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It does not provide legal or tax advice. When considering a gift, an attorney or tax advisor should be consulted.
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