“Good on you Bob! Job well done. My strongest memories of Bob are when we were on a team together at Wooroloo prison. He climbed on a chair on to a table and did that leap of faith into the arms of the men below. What an example of trust! The other memory – at the same workshop is watching what happened when he just kept on saying,” Find your group” until everyone had formed one group no matter what coloured dot they had on their foreheads.”  -Sally Herzfeld 

“I also appreciated Bob’s witness in Nicaragua, his work with Right
Sharing of World Resources, and so much else that he did to help
the world be a better place. I am thankful for his concern for and deep
love of the whole world! “  -Macrocosmic Margaret 


“Thank you Bodacious Bob for all you have brought to life for so many worldwide through AVP!!   I had the distinct joy of being with you at several AVP National gatherings and most recently shared a room with you at the AVP National in Seattle.   I was amazed at how many people in prison back East asked about you with very happy smiles and fond memories.   Your gentle yet powerful footprint has graced so much of the world and your Transforming Presence has been  the butterfly effect of metamorphosis for so many of us furry caterpillars… Together, Building Our Beloved Community.”  -Mindful Mike

“While facilitating AVP in Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal. Bob shared a room with me. We had to assist him walking from place to place but his sharp mind and his love were as evident as ever.  He received many accolades from participants who recognized his wisdom and returned his love.”  -John Michaelis


“Bodacious Bob came to Green Haven in the early 2000s when we were in the throws of some bad stuff. He, in his usual way, told us how screwed up our program was but his way was with gentleness and humor. I then drove him to Ithaca for a workshop at Auburn…following the early trail of AVP here in NY. 

He was intrepid and outspoken, kind and humorous, loving and honest. I enjoyed every minute of our time together.   He shared his many gifts all over the world planting seeds of love and hope. RIP Bodacious Bob” -Contagious CC