The Committee of Local and Regional Groups (CLARG) in its mission to support local groups offers THREE grant opportunities for local and regional groups. 

Support Grant – Up to $500 

Outreach Grant – Up to $1000 Matching

Manual Grant – Up to $500 

Check out the details about each grant below! If any of the grants are of interest to you, we suggest you reach out to your CLARG Regional Representative prior to submission to help with any questions. 

  • Once CLARG receives your application we will review at the next meeting (CLARG currently meets the 1st Sunday of each month). 
  • Your CLARG Regional Representative might follow up with clarifying questions 
  • AVP-USA treasurer will disperse the funds 
  • Once the funds have been utilized, CLARG will follow up with a feedback survey to understand the impact of the grant to share with the broader community 


Financial Support to Build NEW and EXISTING Local AVP Councils and Regions

AVP-USA is offering financial support to AVP local councils and Regional Organizations, supporting three specific areas:

1.  Financial Support from AVP-USA to Build NEW Local AVP Councils

The purpose of this funding is to support the development of new AVP Councils with finances to purchase workshop materials, pay travel costs, etc.

2. Financial Support from AVP-USA to Strengthen EXISTING Local AVP Councils

Support to strengthen existing Local AVP Councils, for example with finances to reinvigorate a program or restart one paused during the pandemic.

3.  Financial Support from AVP-USA to Strengthen Regional AVP Organizations

Support to finance regional meetings in a state or region.

All Grants are available up to $500 each. Currently there IS money available!

Support Grant



Apply today to help support the growth of your Local Group!

If your local AVP chapter is looking to expand or restart from the pandemic, then the CLARG Outreach grants could be just what you’re looking for. AVP-USA will be matching funds, up to $1000 per group, to support newly-created Local Outreach Coordinator positions.  

Outreach Coordinators might do any of the following:

  • recruit participants for workshops
  • edit/create website material
  • update social media sites
  • advertise workshops to local media/local organizations
  • plan logistics for community workshops (hospitality, food, etc.)

If your Local Group is interested, make sure to click on the button below and apply today!

Outreach Grant


Financial support to purchase new manuals

The new updated Basic manuals are here! Grants up to $500 for local groups are available. You may use the grant for Basic, Advanced, T4F (English or Spanish) and Youth manuals.

This could be awarded to your local group in addition to the Program Support Grant, especially for new groups trying to get established. It could also be awarded to existing local groups who are finding it difficult to fund manuals for their programs. CLARG has seen that some groups need to go beyond the current parameters of the Program Support Grant for manuals and this would allow AVP-USA to make a larger impact with their grant funding.

Manuals Grant