Discussion Groups sponsored by AVP-USA

Discussion Groups are lists of subscribers’ emails.  When one sends an email to a discussion group, everyone on that list receives a copy. Some are open membership and some need the Discussion Group’s administrator’s approval.

Group Email Address Description Join?
AVP-L avp−[email protected] Our traditional discussion group for AVP facilitators, dedicated to sharing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of education and facilitation of AVP workshops, such as new exercises or methods, techniques for working with specific workshop populations, leadership training resources, etc., as well as any announcements pertaining to AVP-USA. Already subscribed? Read AVP-L archived posts Here
Adaptations adaptations−[email protected] This is the email discussion group for the AVP-USA Adaptations Committee and those interested in Workshop Adaptations.
Community [email protected] Community Workshops Interest Group for topics and announcements relating to community (non-incarceration) settings.
Outreach outreach−[email protected] AVP Outreach and Public Relations topics.
Trauma [email protected] Trauma focused workshops
FFF [email protected] Facilitators Free Forum (FFF)
For political, activist, philosophical (etc.) posts “off-topic” for AVP-L.

Discussion Groups sponsored by AVP International

Some International Discussion Groups may be of interest to our own membership.

Group Email Address Description Join?
International Community Discussion [email protected] A new email discussion group for AVP facilitators to share new exercises and workshop experiences, and discuss issues relating to facilitating, manuals, translations and organising AVP workshops in different cultures worldwide. Also for research on AVP