Basic Course Manual, 2023 Edition


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A 274 page collection of more than 75 experiential learning exercises for group leadership development as well as those interested in personal conflict resolution, alternative responses to violence, and anger management.

Suitable for older teens and adults, covering the conflict-resolution building blocks self-esteem, affirmation, community building, team building, communication, cooperation, conflict transformation. This facilitators manual uses circle-learning processes, which are used in various learning settings and subject areas as well as in courses focusing on practical communication skills, self-esteem and conflict resolution experiences.

The activities have been collected and developed by the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), a national and an international network of organisations providing conflict resolution workshops in prisons, schools and community groups in 36 states and more than 50 countries worldwide since 1975. Far more than a problem-solving tool kit, the experiential processes and practices in this Manual successfully transform lives and communities in all cultures, as declared by participants and community leaders alike in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and island nations.

This manual for core basic workshops contains the philosophy and background of AVP, processes and activities before a workshop, during a workshop, and after a workshop. It also  provides sample agenda, multiple exercises, and energizers.

Part I Foundations of AVP
Chapt. 1       AVP Approach
Chapt. 2       AVP Essentials
Chapt. 3       Being a Team Member
Part II Before a Worksho
Chapt. 4       Preparing for a Workshop
Chapt. 5       Crafting an Agenda
Part III During a Workshop
Chapt. 6       Sequence of Session
Chapt. 7       Facilitating Exercises
Chapt. 8       Meeting Participant Needs
Part IV After a Workshop
Chapt. 9       Team Debriefing and Feedback
Chapt. 10    Workshop Reporting
Part V Exercises and Activities
Chapt. 11    Exercises
Chapt. 12    Activities



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