Okay folks, are you nice and comfy? OK, good 🙂
Here’s how it all works. As you will have noted in the image above, we have

Two Libraries


Both of these libraries are now open for business and guess what? Without wanting to bad mouth any other library, our libraries are open 24/7 🙂

Powerpoint TutorialsWe have prepared a Powerpoint Tutorial for each of the libraries to help you

  1. Find your way to and around the libraries and
  2. Get to know what kind of resources they each have

The Powerpoint tutorials are:

The AVP Workshop Activities Library Powerpoint tutorial
The AVP Continuing Learning Library Powerpoint tutorial

These are available at https://avpeducationnetwork.org/online-library-powerpoint-tutorials/

How to access the Libraries
To access the Online Libraries, you must register at the AVP International website. Registration is Free!

If you are already registered, please go to www.avp.international and

  1. Select ‘Log in’ on the top right hand corner of the Home page.
  2. If not, click on the brown box in the right column, “AVP Facilitators” and fill in the form.
  3. Choose a password that you can easily remember and write it down.
  4. You will be sent a confirmation email once you have been cleared as a facilitator. This process may take a week or more (please have patience with us). Use these instructions to log into the website.
    Once you’re logged in, on the Home page, click on Resources. On the right column you will see the heading Online Libraries, select AVP Workshop Activities Library or AVP Continuing Learning Library and you are there!

The current manuals in the Online Libraries are all in English but, as we’ve said before, you can easily get translations using the Translation button you’ll find on each page. Yes, we’re very grateful for this feature.

Feedback and Contributions
Folks, we trust you’ll find the Online Libraries useful. We’d love to receive your feedback and contributions so that we can make it better and even more useful to you. You can give us these by using the feedback and contributions forms you will find on every page you view. We’ d love to have your input.

Share the Love! Please!
We are so sure you’ll let all your groups and teams know about our libraries that we want to say a great big THANK YOU in advance🙏😍

Please send all enquiries, comments and feedback to education@avp.international Thank you!

With our very warmest regards
Your AVP International Education Committee
and AVP Education Network Co-clerks
Katherine, Betty and Dawn

Donations are needed for AVP International manual translations and development. You can make a donation to the “education materials fund” at https://avp.international/donations/