About Adaptations

About US

The Adaptations Committee recognizes and encourages the development of works adapted from the core AVP methodology and workshops. Our purpose is to welcome innovators to network, collaborate, share mutual benefits, and promote a more widespread use of AVP, AVP-based processes, and related transforming practices.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of AVP facilitators who have adapted the traditional AVP workshops for a variety of populations responding to their particular needs. We are part of the larger AVP community, offering adaptations outside of recognized AVP groups. We continue to grow the AVP community through our innovative and collaborative efforts with AVP USA and other organizations that are working toward shared goals.

Where We Started

AVP facilitators, passionate about sharing the gift of AVP, its messages and methodologies, have over time developed formats that are different from the core workshops.

In 2015, a “Spin-Offs” team was formed at the AVP USA National Gathering to define adaptations of AVP and explore potential benefits for AVP USA and the facilitators that are offering these workshops.

In 2017, the team was renamed and officially recognized as the Adaptations Committee within AVP USA.

What We Do

The Adaptations Committee supports AVP facilitators who have developed or are interested in developing Adaptations of AVP.

Projects of the Adaptations Committee include:
– listing programs in the Adaptations Directory
– identifying individuals and groups that are offering Adaptations
– promoting Adaptations through this website
– developing opportunities to network with each other and share best practices, including specialized areas of knowledge
– exploring ways to reach new audiences
– sharing innovative products that have been created from Adaptations
– building our Adaptations community

As a community devoted to creativity, innovation and transformation, we encourage sharing our Adaptations, our discoveries and our tools with AVP facilitators everywhere.

We invite you to have a conversation about your program or ideas for a new program.

Getting involved with Adaptations can provide opportunities to:

  • Be part of an AVP community of practice devoted to creativity and innovation
  • Raise awareness of your Adaptation within the group and on this website
  • Network with people who understand “start up” and have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Share lessons learned in creating and delivering Adaptations
  • Find others who share your passion in a particular area of interest
  • Learn about using AVP-based transforming practices with different populations
  • Look for opportunities of mutual benefit between Adaptations and AVP USA
  • Gain followers through new distribution channels
The Adaptations Committee welcomes new members
  • AVP facilitators, coordinators, or curriculum developers who have created works adapted from AVP.
  • AVP facilitators who are well grounded in the core values and best practices of AVP to help guide those who are creating adaptations in maintaining these fundamental principles and transforming practices.
  • People with website development, data entry, database and internet development skills and experience.
  • People with passion, creative ideas, and energy for stretching the boundaries of AVP.