MAY 27-30, 2022

Catholic University, Washington DC

Four days of Bold Engagement to explore AVP’s
Transforming power both in-person and virtually.

What is the 2022 Annual National Gathering all about? It’s about action, courage, connection. It’s about being bold with our engagements, through our engagements and about our engagements.

The last two years have transformed AVP-USA. In the 2020 annual report we heard about local groups adapting to virtual workshops, new ways to keep facilitators engaged, and how to stay connected with incarcerated facilitators. We learned we are resilient because we are together. 

Moving through the ever changing environment has strengthened AVP-USA grassroots groups. Getting out of saying “that’s how we have done things” can be uncomfortable but in uncomfortableness comes growth. At the gathering we hope to spark moments of exploration to ask questions like what does transformation look like as AVP-USA moves forward with virtual and in-person experiences? What does transformation look like as AVP-USA continues to address racism? What does transformation look like as when we are together at the gathering and when we are creating community in our local groups?

Join fellow facilitators at the 2022 Annual National Gathering to ask questions, learn new things, gather in community and TRANSFORM!