AVP-USA National Committees

Some Committees have accessible sites for their committee work and records.

Board Intranet

Previously known as the Committee of Committees (CofC). This committee is composed of the Board of Trustees (Officers and Standing Committee chairs) plus other national leadership positions.

Bylaws description:

The Committee of Committees is the board of trustees and shall be composed of the clerks of all the committees and the officers of the corporation. The CofC shall nominate, with input from CLARG, to the Annual National Gathering a person to be appointed as President and a person to be appointed as Vice President of AVP/USA. The Committee of Committees has the responsibility to share information and to coordinate the committees in regards to the budget and other matters. Decision making remains at the committee level. But, in the event of disagreement among committees, the Committee of Committees shall facilitate a resolution. This responsibility shall include all amendments to the budget