Room Registration with Partial Scholarship Application

  1. Full Registration: Core 3 days of conference. Required.
    • Program: Friday evening through Monday morning.
    • Lodging: Double occupancy room Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.
    • Meals: Friday dinner through Monday lunch.
  2. Optional Pre-Conference activities: See Website for details.
    • Education Committee Workshop on Diversity: Starts Thursday am.
    • Prison Day at MCI Norfolk: Starts Thursday am IS FULL!  We can not accept further registration for this pre-conference..
    • Is AVP a Social Justice / Peace Organization? (Open Board Retreat): Starts Friday am.
    • Lodging & Meals available from Wed. night for these activities.
  3. Optional Post-Conference Planning Session (Moving Forward as an Organization): Monday afternoon.
    • Lodging: Monday night.
    • Meals: Tuesday breakfast. (We’re on our own Monday dinner)

Please note:

  • Enter “scholarship” for the coupon and you will receive a $347 preliminary scholarship deduction that covers the core conference days.
    • You MUST checkout using the PayPal or Check options, but you will not be charged anything unless your total is greater than $347 after applying the scholarship coupon.  If you select pre or post Conference activities, that WILL put you over $347, and you need to pay the excess now in order to process your registration and scholarship application.
    • The Scholarship Committee will determine the amount of your scholarship award (which very likely will be less than $347).  Your registration will be PENDING until the you pay any difference (if any).
    • Anything you pay now is refundable, up to May 15 if you do not attend.
    • The maximum scholarship is $347. If the Scholarship Committee awards a lesser amount, you must pay the difference (we’ll bill you later).
  • Scholarship registrations are Double Occupancy only.   APPLICATION DEADLINE March 21 (to be assured we’ll have funds to consider your application)

Note: Under 18 y.o. facilitators can not register for a Room Booking, but must be Commuters.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
1. Late Registration - Single
Full 4-day (3 nights) registration (Fri dinner -> Mon lunch) - Single accommodation. Required

Note: If coming early, select ONLY #2 OR #3
2. Late Wed & Thurs Night - Single
Provides Wed & Thurs nights, meals Thurs & Fri. Useful for:
  • If you need to arrive Wed.
  • AVP/USA Planning Session: Thursday
  • Note: Denver Women's Correctional Facility Friday is fully booked.
3. Late Thurs Night - Single
Provides Thurs night only, meals Thurs & Fri.:
  • NOTE: Denver Women's Correctional Facility (Friday) is fully booked
  • You can still book Thurs night if you need it

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Thursday Diversity Workshop
Friday Social Activism Retreat

Formerly Incarcerated
Current Facilitator
AVP/USA Committee Member
Conference Presenter
Conference Worker
First-time Attendee
Minority or Under-represented Population

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